How to Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Building a powerful LinkedIn profile is necessary for professionals who seek for new opportunities online. It also helps in increasing one’s credibility as a professional in a certain field or industry.

I’ve mentioned on this post on how important it is to use social media as a person and how one should regularly maintain it for a lot of good ways.

Here, you can learn how you can easily create a powerful LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd:

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4 Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs

Why do some entrepreneurs became successful with their business ideas while others not? What do they have that makes them excel in everything they do? What are the qualities that allow them to become who they are today?


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Taylor Swift – Song Covers

Alleli Aspili, the owner of this blog, is a passionate guitarist and singer. She has a SoundCloud where she uploads covers from various artists. She recently covered Taylor Swift songs. Listen here: Continue reading