The Pretty Reckless – Cold Blooded

Amp Rock TV’s channel on YouTube recently added a video (again) of one of the most unrated breakthrough bands of the 21st century. Many of you probably know Taylor Momsen because of the characters she already played on-screen – that cute little girl in the movie, The Grinch, the President’s daughter in Spy Kids II and being Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl. But, we can say that she’s definitely more famous now at being a front girl of the band we’re featuring today called The Pretty Reckless. The formation of the band started on 2007 and they were able to release their first, self-titled EP on 2010. “Make Me Wanna Die” is their first ever single. The song is played at the credits of the movie Kick-Ass and was also featured as an opening song at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. They have been making music since then and have accomplished a lot of tours already. Let’s just look forward on what they will bring us for this year. Taylor actually mentioned in her tweets that the band’s planning a lot of tours, especially all around UK, this year. They’re also almost finished in making another album that will definitely blast off this year!

The Pretty Reckless Album Release UK Tour of The Pretty Reckless

On the other hand, let’s talk about that new video that Amp Rock TV recently added on YouTube. The Pretty Reckless already have one which is entitled The Pretty Reckless – Under The Water. It was uploaded 3 months ago and really received a lot of criticisms, comments and more! It was probably because of how Taylor looked at the end of the video. The video showed a blurred, naked body of her. It’s definitely okay for some since the lyrics of the song she “narrated” on the video explain a complicated life of a person. We respect Taylor for doing that. Music is art and what she did or what she showed was merely for the sake of art. It was a great expression. The band’s new video features Ben (the band’s lead guitarist) and Taylor. The description of the video says,

Taylor and Ben from the band perform an exclusive version of ‘Cold Blooded’ for ARTV.

The Pretty Reckless has been singing their song “Cold Blooded” on their tours lately and this is another good opportunity for them to show off a great, live performance for their fans. But of course, this video still receives a lot of unrelated comments. As the top comment for the video says,

Top Comment of The Video in YouTube

We cannot also believe these people who have commented. Some fans complain about Taylor cutting off her hair. Don’t they know that she only uses extensions? To make sure everything’s clear even before you watch the video here, Taylor Momsen’s real hair length is this; exactly what the video shows. Don’t overreact. We know that she looks hotter with her long hair, but it’s also time for her to lay back on the ground, right? Here’s the video and enjoy!

As the author of this blog, I’d like to admit that I, myself, is a fan. I’m a zombie. But, still feel free to leave your comments about everything I’ve written here.


5 thoughts on “The Pretty Reckless – Cold Blooded

  1. Hi, just wanted to clarify a few things, I think the post is great, just wanted to let you know of a few inaccuracies. First, a little nit picky thing, we are actually in the 21st century, not the 20th. Second, the song Cold Blooded is not a cover of a Rick James song, it is an original song written by Taylor and her team. Just thought I would point those things out. Otherwise, you are a wonderful writer and you should definitely post more. 🙂

    • What would I do without you, Lala? Haha! Thanks for all the clarifications. 😀
      I really thought it’s a cover since most of the the fan videos on YouTube are entitled “Cold Blooded/Aerials Cover” (those videos shot from their concert tours). They misled me. And on another note, I literally consider 21st century to start on year 2100 but now I know I was wrong. I searched for it, too! Thanks again. I learned something.

      PS. This post is now updated. I hope everything’s fine now. 🙂

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