Fashion Influences For Women Who Rock!

As a woman, I’ll have to admit that I’m one of those who have plenty fashion influences from around the world. I actually don’t rely on celebrities but on singers, especially those who are really famous and under the influence of ROCK and ROLL. I’ll be mentioning three famous girls from the underworld – Taylor Momsen, Amy Lee and Avril Lavigne. Well, tell me you don’t know those three ladies. All of ’em have unique music and voices, and you can actually tell it by what they wear. All of them have actually visited Philippines and I only got to see Amy and Taylor (Bazooka Rock Festival). For some reason, I let the opportunity to see Avril pass, but it’s totally fine.

Avril Lavigne

This rocker has been with us for more than 13 years already. Through these years, her style has also changed from having that boyish look to being that rocker, pop chic. That change happened when she launched her album named “The Best Damn Thing.” T’was actually a good shift since people are probably looking forward to that. I dunno with me, but since she had that change in fashion sense, I actually quit making her as my influence. However, now that I found some really cool photos of her in Tumblr, I think I might’ve want to be like her and listen to her new songs again. The only last song of her that I know is “Hot.” I think I’ve been missing a lot already. Anyway, I just want you guys to know that I got stunned by the photos below:

Avril Lavigne

Elegant Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

Rocking Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne 3

Geek Rock Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne 1

Chic Rock Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne 2

Sexy Rock Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne 4

Avril Lavigne Performs

Amy Lee

I think I can say that every rock (or goth) chic knows this famous lead singer of Evanescence. A year ago, this video was uploaded and it shows Amy’s wardrobe and her fashion sense. I’ve known her since Bring Me To Life and have been following her all the way. I know that she makes her own clothes, designs them and totally keeps them. Her style is so unique and she says that she loves being like that. On Evanescence’s shows, her fans would always see her wearing corsets and knee-length, bubbly and dark skirts. I think I only see her wear pants for only a few times. When I saw her concert, together with the band The Bush, in the Philippines last February 19, 2012 (oh, the concert anniversary is near), she wore her trademark clothes – black corset, skirt and boots. Here’s my post about the concert, btw. Enough with the words, here are Amy’s photos that I find really, really gorgeous (there are more, but they won’t fit here):

Amy Lee 4

Elegant Amy Lee

Amy Lee 3

Amy Lee Performs

Amy Lee 2

Amy Lee on Pants

Amy Lee 5

Amy Lee Torn Skirts

Amy Lee 1

Amy Lee on White

Just a little trivia for those who still don’t know the meaning of Evanescenceit means to vanish from sight or simply, to disappear. That’s why their song “Disappear” really fits the band so much!

Taylor Momsen

Last but not least, my Taylor, oh my Taylor Momsen. I’m really a fan of her since I heard  TPR’s song “Make Me Wanna Die.” I became obsessed with her when I heard ALL of TPR’s songs. Her video with Amp Rock TV on YouTube was actually my first post on this blog. Well, anyway, she could be anyone’s fashion influence for this new age of rock. I know this generation consists of many teens (the youth) who are really fond of listening to music like hers and her band (the song meanings, I mean). Of course, her fashion sense kills everyone. She’s been known as a bitch on stage, but who the hell cares? She’s loved by many! I honestly wasn’t able to see her style before The Pretty Reckless but I’ve been seeing so many dumb photos of her, especially on her character Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl (I know she played the character well, though). She’s been a model for so long already but it’s still a good thing that she switched to this:

Taylor Momsen 4

Elegant Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen 5

Taylor Momsen Loves Boots and High Heels

Taylor Momsen 1

Sexy Taylor Momsen on Stage

Taylor Momsen 3 Taylor Momsen 2

I’d have to say that these three ladies excel in fashion in such different ways. Avril Lavigne excels in being that Pop, Rock chic who never gets out of place. Amy Lee is definitely and incredibly the most creative among them. Taylor Momsen is that rocking bitch who always steals the scene, in a very positive way (for me), of course! She’s on the magazines, on stages, TV shows, radio stations and more!

Oops, I’d really have to share this photo. I dunno much about Maria Brink, aside from she’s that lady behind In This Moment‘s songs. She’s totally a bad-ass, hot, rock, chic:

Maria Brink

Those tattoos, smile, lips, eyes and wardrobe…

If you’re one of the women who are inspired by these rockin’ ladies, don’t forget to share your thoughts below. I would love to read more inspirations from you, too! Share the person who inspires you most. I’d love to read about new personalities as well. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! 😀 xxx


3 thoughts on “Fashion Influences For Women Who Rock!

  1. Wow! These are fabulous ladies. I’ve been a fan of Avril Lavigne and saw how her fashion sense becomes improved up til now. She’s even called a vampire for she still looks as young as 10 years ago. Total wow! I also adore Amy Lee! One tough chick!

  2. I agree, Taylor Momsen is one hot lady, and I love her style! I actually “stole” her makeup sense 😉 You should also look up Disa Braun, better known as Twiggx. She’s my favorite model, a real inspiration. I “stole” her hairstyle (from when she used to dye her bangs)

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