American Idol 12: Angela Miller Solo Performance “You Set Me Free”

Angela Miller performed an original song entitled “You Set Me Free” on her solo performance on American Idol Season 12’s Hollywood Week. All of the judges gave her a standing ovation and each of them were basically stunned during the whole scene. Randy couldn’t just resist saying his Wows while Keith had his Good Lord reaction. Nicki and Mariah were just steady, smiling and looked so very much inspired. The uploaded video from American Idol’s YouTube channel isn’t complete; the judges reactions weren’t showed but from what I can remember, Nicki admitted that they (the judges) weren’t really expecting that because they saw Angela Miller as just a basic performer. That wasn’t the exact thing that Nicki said, but that was the gist. I have to say that I already like her from the very start. I was awed by Angela Miller’s audition considering the fact that she has been overcoming her pronounced hearing loss since I cannot remember, lol.

Anyway, I was able to compile the lyrics of her original composition, You Set Me Free. Well, I only got that from her performance on Americal Idol. T’was definitely just a part of it. Here are the lyrics (and please correct me if there’s something wrong with the words) :

You find me here alone
I hear a voice that’s so unknown
It strikes courage up my backbone
Strengthen my heart
A life set apart
I see that’s what you are
You come, you come with open arms
And you say “I love you for who you are”
When I was haunted and alone
With this baggage on my back dragging me down
You set me free
You set me free
You set me free

I embedded the video below so you can sing along with it. I hardly do that everyday – singing along with it. That’s simply because I really love the song and I’d bet that she’ll definitely be one of the Top 3. I just can’t wait to see her together with Chris Watson and Charlie Askew until the end! I’m really hoping that she’ll sing this song again for the finale!

On another note, I found a post from Just Jared featuring a full version video of Angela Miller’s You Set Me Free. Just Jared did some digging and they really did a good job by finding a full version. I suddenly remember Keith sayin’ after the performance that the people who were awed by Angela would probably be looking for a full version and he could be one of them. I’d say I’m one of them, too! Thanks to Just Jared for doing the job for us fans. Here’s the video and enjoy! xxx c



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