How To: Celebrate a Monthsary on a Busy Schedule

Well, monthsary isn’t really a formal word. According to Urban Dictionary, its meaning is “an important day like an anniversary but celebrated every month” and it has become a tradition for some couples to do it. It’s funny because I came across a Facebook fan page that sounds so negative with regards to the word monthsary. Here, check it out: Monthsary is created because most relationship don’t reach Anniversary.

You might not even care, but today, a couple would be celebrating theirs. It’s their 20th monthsary. See? They even reached more than a year!

One of them would be having a really busy schedule today and this couple isn’t really used in NOT celebrating every month. It would be a mess if they won’t see each other on a very special day.

Here are some tips, then, on how to celebrate a monthsary on a busy schedule:

  1. If you have a commitment, then you gotta do it. You shouldn’t just let anyone else down (especially if your commitment is work-related) because you want to celebrate your monthsary. If there’s a will, there’s always a way.
  2. Focus on what you’re doing now How to Celebrate a Monthsary on a Busy Scheduleinstead of thinking about your monthsary date.
  3. Communicate with your partner on what would be the best way to deal with it. You can’t let yourself deal with it alone. That is why the two of you are called a couple.
  4. Be ready with surprises! Since you are on a busy schedule, your partner must’ve found his or her way on how to surprise you, so just be ready. Who knows? He or she might go to where you are!
  5. Don’t look too tired. Since the best option on how to celebrate is saving the best for last, then you shouldn’t look too stressed out after all your activities the whole day.

I hope those five tips make some sense to you! My main purpose here is to help you guys out and also, greet the couple who is celebrating today. ♥

Happy 20th monthsary and keep on loving each other! I know that you two will celebrate a lot more monthsaries.

Are there other couples celebrating today? Have fun! 🙂


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