American Idol 12: Angela Miller sings “Never Gone” after being Eliminated!

I can’t believe Angie Miller got eliminated from American Idol Season 12’s Top 3. Earlier today, the Top 2 contestants were announced and I had no idea Kree would stay. I’m a fan of these three girls, but I just think that Angie deserves to be in the Top 2. Well, as what a top comment says on this YouTube video of American Idol: And america got wrong…. again.

Angie Millers Sings Never Gone

There’s a fast influx of comments on the video and you’ll see how people also reacted this way (I mean, like me) there.

This made me think that voting doesn’t really pay off. It’s just an honest opinion from me. Considering the fact that the American Idol show also removed that “save” long before the competition goes to an end. The judges would’ve used that for Angie Miller. I would die for them to use that. Moreover, I just watched the last performance that Angie did and it was heartbreaking. Embedding it below:

I was literally about to cry while watching. Angela Miller is known for smiling a lot, but hey, she cried all of her tears in this performance which is just so sad to see. Angie have sung Never Gone already in the past episode of the show and it’s really, really good. Here it is:

And why the hell didn’t she sing “You Set Me Free”? That was like one of her best songs, add the fact that she wrote it herself. She should’ve sung it to remind America that they turned her down. Well, it’s not really the end for her. We, fans of Angie, know that she will become more famous someday. I’m really looking forward to buying her album. How about you?

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3 thoughts on “American Idol 12: Angela Miller sings “Never Gone” after being Eliminated!

  1. I am so upset! I thought they would send Candice home for sure . Angie is awesome, I don’t understand what happened. I think they need to recount the votes. Shes got the whole package, looks, talent(she plays the piano, and writes her own songs.) Everone should write in, I know shes got tons of fans. (Be loyal and stay with her people.)

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