The Astonishing Potipot Island in Zambales, Philippines

This post is about me and my buddies’ experience in Potipot Island, Zambales – made possible, again, by Gone Wild Campers (GWC).

I would normally create a post about my personal, travel experience on my personal blog, Black Cat Blogging, but I preferred to post this here for no reason at all. Haha! I already wrote my experience in Nagsasa Cove on that blog, so I think it would be better to post my experience in Potipot Island here.

So, we were four. There were four of us who went to Potipot – all girls. 🙂 We availed the services of Gone Wild Campers – again. They were also the ones responsible for the tour we had on Nagsasa Cove last February. We liked their services, especially the food they serve, so we contacted them again and planned for Potipot. We were with another group so we didn’t ‘owned‘ the van. We didn’t, but we were still able to converse and laugh loudly. That’s what people are supposed to do when traveling, right? Have fun? We did. The other group slept and kept quiet. They probably were just conserving energy back then or already tired. I dunno… anyway. We had to meet at SM North Edsa around 4AM, which was really so early. GWC said the traveling time from Manila to Potipot is around 5-6 hours so we really came early that day.

Potipot Island is located in Candelaria, Zambales. We arrived at the ‘boat dock?’ around 10AM, so the travel time was really 5-6 hours. T’was so hot back then! That made us wanna go to the beach immediately! Luckily, the boat ride is only 5 minutes. There were many people when we got there so we thought we couldn’t find a cottage to rent but luckily enough, again, there was a huge cottage that we could rent. So we had it and t’was also a great spot! Considering the heat back then, we decided to swim immediately while waiting for the food (which GWC prepares and cooks) to be ready.


I’m sorry but I gotta cut this short for there were many moments that happened back then and I couldn’t tell them one by one – not by writing. One of the most unforgettable events that happened back then was my ghost encounters?! Yeah, I had. At least, they told me that I did see a lot of ghosts back then. Ironically speaking, I really have no memory of it at all, except that early ghost I already saw prior to me losing my memory. Anyway, I always lose my memory whenever I drink a lot. That sort of became normal for me already. It’s given. In addition to that, I was also able to see ghosts whenever I get drunk. I just don’t remember things clearly which is really a relief for me. We’re talking about ghosts here!

I don’t wanna scare you guys about Potipot Island. Maybe the ghosts there are harmless. Nothing bad happened to us actually. All things good, nice and easy. T’was fun! T’was fun being around with people (and ghosts – just kidding) you love. 😉

Me and my buddies want to thank Gone Wild Campers, again, for being so accommodating. If you don’t want to go to Potipot Island, you can ask Gone Wild Campers about their Nagsasa and Anawangin Cove tours – those are their best-sellers!

Here are a couple of photos from our getaway:



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