How to Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

Building a powerful LinkedIn profile is necessary for professionals who seek for new opportunities online. It also helps in increasing one’s credibility as a professional in a certain field or industry.

I’ve mentioned on this post on how important it is to use social media as a person and how one should regularly maintain it for a lot of good ways.

Here, you can learn how you can easily create a powerful LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd:

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4 Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs

Why do some entrepreneurs became successful with their business ideas while others not? What do they have that makes them excel in everything they do? What are the qualities that allow them to become who they are today?


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The Clash of Social Media

Everybody’s getting really fond of using social media for a lot of purposes. Some use it for their personal reasons and others use it to increase brand awareness for their businesses. Here’s a really helpful post in learning stuff about social media users and who help them in managing their accounts: Social Media Users and Their Allies.

Anyways, I would personally want this post to become a tool for people to see whether it is right to use up all social networking sites and dominate them or just simply stick to specific sites.

I’m really a fan of social media and I honestly want to admit that I definitely dominate almost all, famous sites such as Quora, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Scribd. There are a lot more that I didn’t even try to mention because it’s either they’re not that popular or certainly renowned like my personal favorite site, The site can basically just show off who you are in terms of your online presence for free. It’s like your online business/personal card. If you would wanna see my signature on my personal email account, you would really notice a LOT of icons. Take a look now: Continue reading