Advertising Approaches Used in Colgate’s Commercial

Colgate OHM Got Zero” TV commercial used Feature, News and Popularity Advertising Approaches, perhaps, all at the same time.

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On Virtual Currency

Will a virtual currency for online gamers & services be effective in the Philippines? Why?

I do not think that virtual currency for online gamers and services will be effective in the Philippines, though it is active or done here nowadays. In the type of economy that our country has, and how the flow of money is going nowadays, I don’t think that the online gamers would probably spend much to use virtual currency just for the online games. Yes, there will be online gamers that will practice this but not all, not everyone and it will not be effective. Another reason is that the age bracket of online gamers in the Philippines merely consists of the youth, and the youth here does not have the capability to waste time and money. The country is really getting busier nowadays and the youth goes with it as well. On the other hand, the addictive online games will still be an opportunity for online gamers to spend real money for virtual currency, and still, youth are fond of playing and playing! But, their parents wouldn’t be allowing them because school is more important, they’d say. Youth’s money still comes from their parents’ pockets, even though some have part-time jobs, they will still be scolded because of playing online games and focusing only on doing it. Continue reading