Taylor Swift – Song Covers

Alleli Aspili, the owner of this blog, is a passionate guitarist and singer. She has a SoundCloud where she uploads covers from various artists. She recently covered Taylor Swift songs. Listen here: Continue reading


American Idol 12: Angela Miller sings “Never Gone” after being Eliminated!

I can’t believe Angie Miller got eliminated from American Idol Season 12’s Top 3. Earlier today, the Top 2 contestants were announced and I had no idea Kree would stay. I’m a fan of these three girls, but I just think that Angie deserves to be in the Top 2. Well, as what a top comment says on this YouTube video of American Idol: And america got wrong…. again.

Angie Millers Sings Never Gone

There’s a fast influx of comments on the video and you’ll see how people also reacted this way (I mean, like me) there.

This made me think that voting doesn’t really pay off. It’s just an honest opinion from me. Considering the fact that the American Idol show also removed that “save” long before the competition goes to an end. The judges would’ve used that for Angie Miller. I would die for them to use that. Moreover, I just watched the last performance that Angie did and it was heartbreaking. Embedding it below: Continue reading

American Idol 12: Angela “Angie” Miller’s Top 4 Performances

It’s been so long since I’ve written a post about the American Idol Season 12’s winner – Angela Miller. Oops, sorry for the spoiler! Haha! Well, our Angie here is really “in it to win it,” as what Randy Jackson always tells us in his comments. In the most recent performances of Angie Miller, she sang two songs I barely even know – “Who You Are” and “Cry Me a River.” But, I still loved both of her performances! Of course, it’s Angie! She became REALLY noticed when she sang her own composition, You Set Me Free, on her solo performance of the season’s Hollywood Week. And on that note, everybody’s now saying that Angie should sing that song on the way to the finals to secure the title of being the latest American Idol. Hmm, I agree with everybody else. However, it would be more perfect if she will sing a new composition that will definitely WOW us all again. That’s actually a hint that Mariah told her when she commented on Angie’s performance on the Top 4 episode. “Keep composing songs.” As a fan, I would really love to see and hear her perform You Set Me Free on her own major concert as an Idol someday.

Anyways, Angie Miller owned the night with these performances: Continue reading