Monthsary Quotes

This compilation of monthsary quotes and messages that I, myself, made are for all of the couples who celebrate today. I wish these messages can bring out the best in your celebration, love, and relationship. Happy monthsary! Continue reading


How To: Celebrate a Monthsary on a Busy Schedule

Well, monthsary isn’t really a formal word. According to Urban Dictionary, its meaning is “an important day like an anniversary but celebrated every month” and it has become a tradition for some couples to do it. It’s funny because I came across a Facebook fan page that sounds so negative with regards to the word monthsary. Here, check it out: Monthsary is created because most relationship don’t reach Anniversary.

You might not even care, but today, a couple would be celebrating theirs. It’s their 20th monthsary. See? They even reached more than a year!

One of them would be having a really busy schedule today and this couple isn’t really used in NOT celebrating every month. It would be a mess if they won’t see each other on a very special day.

Here are some tips, then, on how to celebrate a monthsary on a busy schedule: Continue reading